Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Reveal.

We wanted to announce our exciting baby news in a fun way to my Mom since she was arriving within days of receiving confirmation of the fact that we were indeed expecting our first baby. What to do, what to do you tell your mom she's about to be a grandmother for the first time?

I thought of making T-shirts. I had searched for a "Grandma" item to buy and give her as a gift. Multiple ideas were considered and quickly discarded for one reason or another.

We decided on a scavenger hunt through our apartment.

I bought a bib that said "Grandma makes me smile" and placed it in a gift bag. This would be her "treasure" at the end of the hunt. I came home from work that day to the challenge of hiding the various clues throughout our home...with Mom right there with me the entire time. Needless to say, it took some patience, opportune moments, and quick fingers to get each of the clues nestled into their hiding spots without Mom spying me as I tucked them away. Finally, each clue was in place and we were ready to roll. Dan had the camera in his pocket, ready to film her as she opened "the grand prize" at the end of the hunt.

The first clue came inside of a greeting card we gave her. The card was incomplete - I had cut off the bottom of it entirely. She would have to go on a hunt for the missing piece so that she could read the remainder of her message.

Clue #1 read:
"Snips and snails and puppy dog tails
That's what little boys are made of
But girls - they're made of all things nice
Sweeter than sugar and full of spice!"

Inside of our spice rack, Mom found clue #2 which read:
"Lullaby and goodnight
In the sky stars are bright
Round your head, flowers gay
Set your slumbers till day
-Brahams Lullaby
(Take a peek where you'll set your slumbers this day.)"

Under her pillow, Mom found clue #3 which read:
"Comfy and cozy, great for an afternoon snooze
For many men, here their coins they will lose
The perfect place to cheer for Sunday's football
To find this next clue, you might have to crawl."

Under our couch, Mom found clue #4 which read:
"Hues of white, yellow, red & green
They'll help keep your figure nice & lean
Some li'l ones keep your vision crystal clear
Others cause breath no one wants to be near."

In the vegetable drawer of our refrigerator, Mom found clue #5 which read:
"Family trees abound in blooms of love
A heavenly gift from the Lord above
A special bond joins son and father
But none compaires to mother & daughter."

Behind a framed photo of Mom & I, Mom found clue #6 which read:
"Memories of shaving cream & color-me crayons
Tiffany Thompson and I were very big fans
Many days spent having good ol' clean fun
It's true...rubber ducky, you're the one!"

In the soap dish on the bathtub, Mom found clue #7 which read:
"With knobs that range from low to high
This magical box produces cake, cookies, and pie
Inside is where they say you'll find the bun
Just don't remove the turkey before it's done!"

In our oven, Mom found the gift you'll have to watch the video to see her reaction.