Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blankenship Family Vacation

As a Christmas gift to the entire family, Mom & Dad Blankenship rented a cabin in Packwood for all of us to retreat to for a weekend of family fellowship, games, and skiing. All 19 of us met up in the woods and the fun ensued.
There were games with & without goofy headbands.
There were interesting decorations.
There was skiing for the men on what turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day. It was the FIRST time they ALL went skiing together.
This is my favorite picture of Dad Blankenship - skiing at age 80. Not too shabby!
Rob & Dan hiked up to an out of the way spot to enjoy some undisturbed powder.

There was a hot tub.There was crazy hair, courtesy of Glen.
There was celebrating - we honored Bob's 80th birthday!
And there was lots of love.
Thanks, Mom & Dad, for an unforgettable weekend!