Tuesday, March 27, 2012

flower power

Well, Spring has officially sprung in the Pacific Northwest. I've been admiring the blossoms on the plum tree just outside our front door for a couple of weeks now but this past week we enjoyed a few "warmer" (by Washington standards, that is) days that have really jump-started some flower power around these parts.Jackson and I even ventured out for a Spring picnic lunch one day, complete with bubbles, stick-throwing, and letter cookies that spelled out "S-P-R-I-N-G."A sunny, spring weekend means that you'll find the Blankenships outdoors as much as possible. This weekend was no exception and this time it all about the flowers. On Saturday we drove south to the beautiful University of Washington campus to find out if the rumors were true about the cherry blossoms being in bloom. To our delight, they were true indeed.Jackson could've done without the flowers but he was beyond happy about there being plenty of grassy areas to run in, doggies to pet, and sticks and rocks to throw.Here's some more family photos...(This is Jackson's gangster pose:)Sunday after church we met up with our friends The Crowls for a trip up north. We had lunch at the Calico Cupboard in Mount Vernon and then continued on to the farmland of the Skagit Valley in search of daffodil fields. We found 'em!Jackson and Colter (13 months old) had an especially fun time together throwing rocks into the giant tractor tire......jumping (well, maybe Colter didn't jump)......and giving each other hugs.Jackson sure loves time spent with his buddy Colter.With the warmth of the sunshine on our faces and the beauty of flowers all around us, life is good here in the Spring time and we're grateful to our Creator God!

Monday, March 19, 2012

having a good day

Today Jackson has told us a few times that he's "Having a good day!"

Easter splash bash

Today I had hoped to take Easter photos of Jackson wearing his new, just-like-Daddy hat and adorable, old-man sweater vest. However, it snowed last night and so today the snow melted, leaving giant puddles of muddy water everywhere...including the park where I had planned to take the pictures.

So, we went for plan B.

Plan B: puddle splashing...dressed in our Easter best!

Here's a mini video clip of the action:

Friday, March 16, 2012

taste the rainbow

Well the craft bug bit again and Jackson and I have been busy playing with paint while Dan is skiing at Crystal today with Joel, Rob, & Beth.I've always liked St. Patrick's Day even though I'm not Irish. Since I've been to Ireland twice, I figure it's my duty to celebrate fully each year on March 17th. And by fully I mean that I wear green, listen to some Flogging Molly, and eat Shepherd's Pie or something equally as Irish. This year I figured that since I now have my own personal leprechaun of sorts and he's old enough to "help" with arts & crafts...well, we may as well make something special and "Irish" for Dan (who is partially Irish...at least, I think so).

Here's a look at our creative output:
Jackson keeps looking at his handiwork and congratulating himself with exclamations of "Good painting!"

We also made chocolate chip cookie dough today so clearly it has been a very productive day. Oh, and I should probably mention that Jackson keeps repeating to himself "Having a good day!" so he seems pleased.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Eve!