Tuesday, March 30, 2010

baby shower palooza

This past weekend Dan and I cashed in our our free flight vouchers (thanks to being bumped on our way home from Christmas vacation in North Carolina) and flew to Orlando for my first baby shower and six days of some much needed sunshine and time spent with our incredible East coast family and friends.

Mom, Dan and I spent a brisk, windy day at New Smyrna Beach. I spent the majority of the time sitting there in my beach chair wondering how I might possibly be able to tan the back of me since laying on my belly has been out of the question for quite some time now. If only our friend Becky Brown had been there with us to suggest the whole digging a hole in the sand thing then! I totally would've cashed in on that thought! Anyhow, we soaked in as much sun as we could in between chilly gusts of wind blowing in from the water and sips of hot coffee in effort to keep our teeth from chattering. A few hours later we left with smiling faces and sunburned skin (of course, my sunburn was only on the front half of my body).

On Friday, Mom and I enjoyed a day of pampering and girl talk in early celebration of her Easter birthday. We went for pedicures and a delicious lunch at Cheesecake Factory on a beautifully sunny and breezy day in Winter Park. Meanwhile, Dan hit up a local golf course and further deepened his golden tan (hmm...it must be nice to be able to flip over and brown both sides of your body!).

Saturday was the big event! Dan went out golfing with friends Casey, Ked, and Paul while us girls geared up for baby shower mode.

Mom and my sister Julie threw an incredible baby shower hosted at the home of Reidi Lott and we celebrated our much-anticipated little Jackson in style along with 40 lovely ladies who showered him with gifts and spoiled him rotten! There were enough dainty finger sandwiches and lady-like salads to feed an army and Julie stayed up all night the evening before creating the most amazing "boyish" cupcakes in the forms of puppies, lions, monkeys, one-eyed monsters, frogs, and tigers.

There were even a few special cupcakes in honor of daddy Dan that were golf tees and sand traps. Each cupcake and every bit of icing was made completely from scratch and they were seriously the most delicious and cutest cupcakes I'd ever seen! They were a big hit!

We even got to enjoy an impromptu maternity photo shoot courtesy of our sweet friend, Tiffany, who put our fancy, new camera to good use and expertly photographed us in rare form. It was a really fun photo shoot and we love how the pictures turned out!

We spent the rest of the weekend catching up with old friends, worshiping at my old home churches, and enjoying time with my family.

It was a busy but wonderful weekend that culminated with 3 suitcases and a carry-on full of the cutest baby clothes, toys, and accessories under the sun. (Thankfully, Mom and Dad will be bringing some of the loot when they come to Washington to see Jackson.) It's crazy to think that the next time we travel to Florida, we'll have a baby with us!