Friday, January 4, 2013

coming soon {Baby Emma}

Well, we've reached that pinnacle moment of pregnancy where my belly is big, my back is incredibly sore, a myriad of tiny pink outfits are waiting to be worn, and Jackson (like the rest of us) is asking daily when he will get to hold his baby sister.

Emma herself seems more than ready to make her debut. I swear she's trying to escape through my belly button! I honestly don't remember ever being so uncomfortable inside my own skin during my pregnancy with Jackson and I still could have up to 4 full weeks left of this so please!...bear with me if I seem to get a little cranky.

Needless to say, we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of this precious baby girl who we've prayed for all these months and all the years preceding her conception. What an amazing gift from God we've been given in this baby girl who we've yet to see face to face! And how appropriate that her name Emma Jane also bears the meaning of "God's Gracious Gift" (as does Jackson's).

While my sister Julie was in town for Christmas vacation, we forced her to brave a very chilly day down at the beach here in Edmonds and take photos for us (I broke the ye olde tripod we normally would use) and she very graciously acquiesced to my plea.

Here's the outcome of our family walk to the beach -- one of our last as a family of just three!


And here's one bonus shot just for laughs...if the focus hadn't been on the background, it would've been a new favorite, I think! :)
For this child {we} prayed, and the Lord has granted {us our} petition that {we} made to Him.  
 I Samuel 1:27 (adapted)

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